Fundraising is continuing to meet the targets set out in Phase 3 under the Development Project Section and the thermometer has been reset to reflect this.

October 2012 Funding of the clubhouse project is now complete and construction commenced on Monday 5th. April. Well done to all for getting us so far.

September 2012  Our local Leeds City councillors, led by Gerry Wilkinson, bring the month to a tremendous conclusion by advising that they are able to support the project with a grant of £12,000 from local ward funds. Many thanks.


September 2012 the RFU confirm their support with a great £100,000 grant. They have subsequently confirmed an interest free loan over 15 years for up to £100,000, the final amount will be determined by our own fundraising efforts but most will be needed.

September 2012 The English Cricket Board have not only confirmed their grant but have also incresed it to £91,000. the only proviso being that we spend this before the end of 2012 - we will do our best!!


September 2012  Outstanding at the moment are bids for funding support of £80,000 with English Cricket Board and £100,000 from the Rugby Football Union. Let's keep our fingers crossed. 


September 2012   An individual member of the Cricket Club makes a donation of £10,000. Gift Aid will increase this wonderful support to £12,500


September 20i2  The Football Fooundation really get us moving with the confirmation of a tremendous grant of £100,000 (to be precise £97,223) towards the development.


August 2012   WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd.) agree to make a grant of £50,000 available. Funds are from the donor landfill operator FCC Environment (UK) Ltd. and as with other grants are dependant on full funding or our project.


July 2012   Wetherby Rugby and Kirk Deighton Junior Football confirm their Club's support with funds of £31,000 each.


 May 2012  the Grange Park Sports Club 'Just Giving' programme goes live enabling individual donations to benefit from Gift Aid of 20%. Along with sponsorship and individual fund raising efforts this stands now (Sept.'12) at £7,200


January 2012   Sport England kicked off success in our main fundraising driove by awarding Grange Park £50,000. This award is part of the Places People Play legacy programme which is being delivered by Sport England in partnership with the British Olympic Association. As all other grants this is dependant on us achieving full funding for the development


January 2011 Our first success was to receive a grant of £20,000 from Green Leeds to support the development, on the additional land rented, of pitches for all three sports. We were also able to fence the land as required under the lease and improve the children's playground. At Sept '12 monies were still being used for an all weather cricket wicket (with additional support from the Lord's Taverners), to remove the car park mound and develop a picnic area. this support is separate from the main fundraising target to develop a new clubhouse and changing rooms. 



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